The Power of Journaling

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Episode 367

Are you looking for a way to document your thoughts and reflect? In this episode, Cara discusses the importance of journaling for goal-setting and creating a positive mindset. She shares how journaling can be used as a tool for daily reflection and managing mom life. 

Journaling can be an outlet for a lot of reasons. It can be used to reflect on the day, jot down your goals, and even write down feelings you are not able to express out loud. It is also a great way to write to yourself so you can identify patterns and triggers in your day to day. Journaling can help you see the why, what and how in relation to your habits and patterns. Some things to start with can include: How am I doing? What am I feeling? Am I proud of myself? What is bothering me today? All of these questions can really get your thoughts on paper.

Journaling is another part of the day to day routine. If it is tough for you to implement, consider starting out with jotting something down for 2 minutes. Increase it to 5 after a few days. This will help ease into a solid routine of journaling.

When you fall into negative feelings about yourself, Cara suggests using the ABCD journaling method to help steer away from it.


“A” stands for activating the event, which involves describing where the negativity is coming from. 

“B” is the belief of the event, which involves understanding the negative thinking and it usually stems from a state of overthinking of how you look in front of others. 

“C” stands for consequence which involves thinking about what can happen from this negative thinking. This could cause you to doubt yourself and not go for a bigger goal or a better job. 

“D” is the disputing. This is where the action comes in and you think about how to change the negative beliefs. Disputing is all about challenging your thinking. 


When you are journaling and you identify that there are negative beliefs, you need to flip them to positive statements to help get over those thoughts and dispute that thinking. Change it to an affirmation to get inspired. For example, if you are doubtful that you will be able to achieve your dream of doing something, write down this statement: “I will achieve my dream and be successful”.

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Episode Highlights:

2:02 The purpose of journaling

9:37 Recognizing negative thoughts

13:48 The process of disputing negative beliefs

17:42 How journaling helps in tracking and changing negative beliefs

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