Unique and Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Elf on the shelf is one of the most fun Christmas traditions for kids. But it can be super hard to always think of new ideas for your elf each day. Raise your hand if you love the concept of Elf on the Shelf but dread thinking of unique ideas for each day?


Yup. Me too.


We have done Elf on the Shelf with our 11 year old but last year some mean old kid at school informed him that none of this was real (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy… EVERYTHING!) so now that he doesn’t believe I thought maybe I was off the hook.

elf on the shelf ideas eating popcorn

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But I knew my 3 year old would love it so out comes the Elf again.


Why You Should Start the Elf on the Shelf Tradition


It’s great to start the tradition with younger kids for a few reasons (even if they don’t really get it). 

1. They really don’t get it or have any idea what is going on so if I forget to move it, she won’t say anything.

2. I don’t have to be very creative with what we are doing (check out a few things we have done this week below, SUPER simple and she loved it!)

3. She thinks it’s super fun to wake up each day and play “Hide and Seek” with Elfie.

4. And since we don’t have an older kid who still believes, when she picks him up and carries him around the house, no one else freaks out about him losing Christmas magic (because she just wants to cuddle him all day)

We watched this movie the first day our Elf joined us! I think it really helped show her more about her new friend!


Getting Organized with Elf on the Shelf 

One of the hardest parts of this elf is thinking of new things to do each day and making sure not to repeat any ideas.

This year, I decided to make myself a calendar and thought catcher so that I can write down ideas as I see them on Pinterest, as I scroll my Facebook or whenever they come to me. When I was doing it in previous years, I would so often get to the end of the day, exhausted, and my mind would go blank of cute and fun ideas so a calendar is clutch for me!



Since I knew that other moms struggle with coming up with cool ideas too, this year I started a closed Facebook group for any moms to join where we can swap ideas. You can head over and JOIN HERE


This week, many of us had our elves join us so the ideas have been flowing in the group! These moms are WAY more creative than I am and luckily, they said it was okay if I shared some of their ideas with you! Make sure you keep checking back on the blog, because I’ll update with more ideas as the month goes on!



Joining the Family This Season

Photo From Courtney

Having a Midnight Snack

Photo From Gina

Making His Christmas List

Photo From Bethany

Make sure you download the calendar and feel free to use any of these ideas to get yourself started! What creative ideas have you already done? Let me know in the comments!

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