Podcast 21: How to Have a Debt Free Christmas

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Episode 21: How to Have a Debt Free Christmas





I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but in today’s episode, I share my best tips for saving money, finding money, earning extra money and planning for a debt-free holiday season. The time to get started with your planning is today!


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Episode Show Notes

1:15 Review of the Week 

2:00 Cara’s Tale of a holiday season with $0

8:35 Steps you can take right NOW to plan for the holidays

11:45 How to get discounts and deals on almost anything!

13:30 How to create your Christmas budget

17:35 A Word from Our Sponsor – The Mamas Talk Money Summit

23:10 So many ways to save  – and FIND – money!

28:10 Cara’s top tips for making extra money (that you can implement today!)



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